Chemistry is everywhere. It is involved in plant photosynthesis, in medicines, clothes, food and drinks, in the DNA, in fuels. Chemistry is the basis of many fields of knowledge such as Biology, Medicine or even Astronomy.

Below are listed several examples of my work. If you are interested do not hesitate, just click and take a look at them.

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Chemical Industry

/ Agriculture


/ Cosmetics

/ Metals & Alloys

Steel Sheet

/ Materials:

Polyethylene – Ceramics – Fibers


/ Diseases

/ Prostheses & Implants

/ Techniques & Equipment

/ Clinical Protocols & Consent Forms

Veterinary Medicine

/ Parasites Control


/ Drugs:

/ Respiratory Devices

Food & Drinks

/ Wine – Yoghurt – Chocolate – Cakes


/ Wastewater – Treatment Plants

Power Generation

/ Cells & Batteries

/ Solar Power