Medical writer & scientific translator

I am a medical writer and a scientific translator from English into Spanish and from French into Spanish.

Hi, I am Marita, a medical writer and translator. Nice to meet you!

I am a freelance Scientific Writer & Translator (EN>ES, FR>ES) with a large background in Industrial Property. Last years I have extended my career in the translation/revision of clinical trials, website contents and software for medical and veterinay professionals.
I was born in Extremadura, Spain, but my professional career has been developed in Madrid, where I live. I studied languages and hold a master in Chemistry. My professional career started teaching English. Later on, I taught different subjects such as Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Engineering Chemistry, at the degree level. In 2002, combining the best of my knowledge of both worlds, science, and languages, I became a freelance technical translator above all of the patents. Being chemistry the basis of many fields of knowledge, my work has been related to the health sciences fields, such as biology, medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, or chemistry.
I work for companies, agencies, and also for industrial and intellectual property offices all over the world.
I have mainly worked for leading companies such as L’Oréal, Avon Products, Bayer, Glaxo, IBM, Honeywell, among others and leading industrial and intellectual property offices in Madrid such as Elzaburu, S. L. or technology companies such as Ventiv Technology. London. UK.
Besides of a translator, I also have a background in proofreading, localizing, and writing.
I am fully registered as a chemist in Spain.
When I am not working, I can be attending courses or speeches to improve my knowledge related to my expertise fields.

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